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We offer traditional white plaster, colored (pigmented) plaster, and quartz based products as well.We also offer exposed finishes, including BUT NOT LIMITED TO, colorquartz crystals and accent stones. We can create your very own customized pool an unlimted variety of colors and surfaces.

•Traditional white plaster, time tested and proven.
•Colored plaster in several shades of blue, grey, and green. Please call for other colors you may be interested in.
•Traditional white plaster and colored plaster with several different color choices of quartz.

Regular Pebble
Including but not limited to, Sunset Red, Sand, Caribbean Blue, White (commercial), Grey, White (residential), Tahoe Blue, Aqua Blue, Mauve, Black, Midnight Blue

Mini Pebble
Including but not limited to, Sand, Caribbean Blue, White (commercial), White (residential), Sunset Red, Gray, Tahoe Blue, Mauve, Aqua Blue, Black, Midnight Blue


All plaster material and workmanship, provided by our company, is guaranteed for a period of 1 year, 2 years for pebble and quartz products with modifiers from the date of plaster. The warranty is void if pool is drained without prior notification. As well, the warranty is void if problem arises due to improper maintenance and /or improper water chemistry. Proper water chemistry is the responsibility of the homeowner. Pool water must be tested monthly and records kept on hand by a reputable pool company that offers computer aided water analysis. This limited warranty is non-transferable and is only valid to the original Homeower.

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