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1. Once your pool has started to fill with potable water, do not turn water completely off., if you suspect your pool will over fill while you are away, simply turn volume down to a trickle. Consider pool full when water level reaches the middle of perimeter tiles. Failing to keep water flowing until full, could result in shrinkage/stress cracks and/or permanent water line on plaster.
2. Do not allow anyone or pets on plaster until full. (Plaster stains easily until it is fully hydrated).
3. Brush entire plaster surface with nylon brush once or twice a day for at least 14 days, after plastering. This will help remove alkali dust off of the curing plaster. (Backwash filter, when pressure rises, to remove alkali dust from filter).
4. Balance pool water, testing daily, for 30 days. Run pump and filter for at least 30 days, after plastering, continuously for the first four to five days.
5. PH level should be kept at 7.0 for the first 30 days, this will also help minimize the alkali dust. Adjust PH to 7.4 after 30 days of plastering application.
6. Alkalinity should be kept between 70 – 80 parts per million.
7. Keep calcium hardness between 200-400 parts per million.
8. Chlorine level should be kept according to test kit recommendations.
9. Cyanuric Acid level should be kept between 30-50 parts per million. If cyanuric acid level exceeds 50 parts per million, drain about 2 feet of water from pool, then add potable water back into pool.
10. We recommend you do not turn pool heater on for at least 3 weeks after plaster application.
11. We recommend you do not use any water falls or fountains unless necessary, until start up is complete.
12. If you are using a salt chlorinator, we recommend you do not add salt for 30 days, after plaster is applied.
13. We recommend you do not use a wheeled vacuum, for a couple of weeks, as it can mar plaster because of alkali dust.

Note: Studies have shown that maintaining proper water balance is critical to the longevity of all pool finishes.

For more information refer to start up notes on National Plasterers Council @

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